Entertaining?  Fromagio’s beautiful cheese and charcuterie platters are artfully prepared and ready to serve. Whether you are entertaining or headed to a party and need to bring something, our cheesemongers are happy to curate a collection of savory cheeses certain to please. To order, call the shop at 277-3773.  24 hours appreciated but if we’re not too busy, we can make a platter with less time.

Fresh Eating
The days of fresh produce from garden harvest and farmers markets are here. Vine ripened tomatos, crisp greens and berries beg for simple and fresh preparation.

Try Burrata or Buffalo Mozzarella served with heirloom tomatoes, olive oil and sea salt with crispy bread.  Or pecorino cheese grated into a kale salad with lemon herb dressing and crispy prosciutto crumbles for a light summertime meal.  Grilled zucchini and other garden vegetables are great with a topping of ricotta or chevre. Raspberry and blueberries are here and fresh ricotta with berries and a drizzle of honey is an easy dessert. The best part?  No recipe required! 

Great Grilling
It is the season for grilling burgers, steaks and salmon.  Fromagio’s has a large selection of savory cheeses to melt on your burgers or steaks. We have melters made with cow, goat and sheep milks as well as over 15 different blues with flavors ranging from sweet and mild to strong and sassy.

How about grilling cheese? Fromagio’s carries Halloumi, a unique low moisture cheese from Greece that can be fried or grilled.  It has a higher than normal melting point so it browns without melting.  The cheese is made with sheep and goat’s milk with a bit of mint added to the curd. Grill it with garden vegetables, or add it to salads. 

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